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This policy was agreed by Hollowshore Cruising Club to meet The General Data Protection Regulation which came into force in May 2018, and embraces advice and recommendations  from the Royal Yachting Association and the Medway and Swale Boating Association.

  1. The data that the club maintains on members is the data on the membership application form together with any other information required to manage the membership
  2. The membership application form contains an opt-in that allows members data to be shared with other club members
  3. The members’ contact and boat details are published on the club website which is password accessible to other club members
  4. Members’ data will not be shared with other individuals or organisations
  5. When members’ data is transmitted between members other than on the website it will be in password protected files
  6. Members may opt-out of sharing their data by informing the club secretary who will remove the data from the club website
  7. Members’ data will be deleted when a member leaves the club







 Hollowshore Cruising Club
(Draft) Minutes of Annual General Meeting at the clubhouse
Saturday December 2 2017

Commodore John Webb opened the meeting, and in welcoming everyone he said it was good to see a big attendance. .
1: Apologies for absence included: Ed and Max Havis, Brigitte and Bryan Collings, Steve and Helen Rivers, Adam Sokolowski, Phillip and Jean Davies, John Kerr, David Welch, Martin Waterman, Sue Thorne, Ian and Ann Campbell, Roger Clarke.
2: Acceptance of the 2016 AGM minutes was agreed unanimously
3: Statement of Accounts: The audited figures to October 31 2017, showing a balance of £30,748 and a net surplus of £1,00l (compared with £2,406 the year before) had previously been circulated to the membership. Treasurer Steve Keeler said the club finances were healthy. Membership had increased slightly, bringing in £5,580. There were three memberships more than in the previous financial year, making a total of 126, though since October the figure had risen to 130. Bar profit was down £445 but still added more than £2,000 to club funds.
Overall income was down nearly £900, but this figure was slewed by EDF refunds of over £600 during the previous year. The dividend from the Faversham Oyster Fishery Company shares was also down by £227. The main expenditure was rental for the building, and this was due to increase by £800 to £6,000; £500 had also been spent, mainly on a new cooker and associated wiring. In view of this, the committee proposed a £5 increase in the membership fee to £50, the first in nine years.
4: Subscriptions: The committee proposed a £5 increase in the subscripton fee to £50. It was proposed by Bob Todd and seconded by Nigel Taylor. John Webb thanked Steve K. for handling the books, and mentioned that he did want to pass on the role because of other commitments, and the committee would like to hear from volunteers.
5: Commodore’s address: The club had had a good and an active year. HCC had taken part in the two-day Faversham Nautical Festival, for which several members volunteered to staff the stand, and had successfully attracted several new members. A couple of members brought their boats alongside at Faversham for visitors to go aboard, and another member parked his trailer-sailer beside the stand to attract further interest. We also had an approach from an organiser of the one-day Whitstable Harbour Day asking if we wanted to have a stall next year. We would want some volunteers for this.
There had been a good series of social events, starting with a quiz night run by the Treasurer, and a fish-and-chip night which included an interesting talk on surviving an Atlantic sinking. We finished the year with a “gangsters and molls” fancy dress evening and a “performance” by the HCC players. As to the sailing side, our intrepid organiser John Kerr along with Chris Lovering planned the usual St Katharine’s trip, with two Chatham “bus pass” events and cruises to Holland and France, and along the English East Coast. Our members escaped problems over the use of red diesel on the Continent, but a few Medway sailers were fined. The year also included a trip by 12 to 14 boats with complimentary overnight stay at Conyer, thanks to Paul Smedley and his team.
The RYA were keen to get as much input into their “Lobster Pots” initiative, and so any members who had become entangled or had near-misses should make a report to them. The more records the better the chance of appropriate legislation. JW also reported that Queenborough Harbour Trust wanted letters of support for their funding request for further mooring developments. The more moorings the greater the access for HCC members. Members could also get their names on a plaque on the all-tide landing in return for a donation. We now had a new five-year lease on our clubhouse, which was extremely attractive compared with some other clubhouses on the Medway and elsewhere..
The Commodore thanked the committee for their work and all the organisers and volunteer helpers of the various club events, and especially Mark who did a good job running the bar and everything else relating to that. We could, though, do with a few more names on the bar list.
6: Bar Management: Mark Sanders said much of his report was covered by the Commodore and the Treasurer, but he thanked everyone for their support during the year. Bar prices were better than you would get anywhere else, so the more you spent the more you saved. Serving behind the bar was the best job, because you got to meet everybody and became part of the club.
7: Election of Officers and Committee: All the officers and committee were standing again, and the meeting accepted the reappointment of — Commodore: John Webb; Vice-Commodore: Prof. Phil Davies; Rear Commodore: Mark Sanders; Secretary: Mike Riches; Treasurer: Steve Keeler; Social Secretary: Jack Woodford; Committee: Martin Ashton; Bob Todd (Bosun); Dick Holness; Chris Lovering; Jose Sammut; and Janet Webb.
The Hon. Auditor Rod Akhurst, and Trustees Dick Holness and Mike Perkins had all agreed to continue, and this was agreed. Trustee Tony Coles had stood down on health grounds, and Paul Smedley was elected as the third member. Lesley Jameson and Terry and Glenys Young continued as Honorary Members.
8: Presentation of Trophies:
Vice-Commodore Phil Davies was unable to present cups and trophies following a hospital visit, and Janet Webb made the presentations to those attending:
Psyche Trophy, most ports and anchorages: Mark Sanders and Beryl Brooke, Mylor Mist, 78 ports.
Hollowshore Cup, for most logged miles: Eric Govan 2,800 miles (currently in the Southern Hemisphere)
Brian Hills-Johnes Memorial Shield, for most single-handed logged miles: John Waters, Sojourn, 305 miles.
Viking Cup, for member of the year: Mike Riches.
9: Any Other Business: Asked about parking, the Commodore said the new yellow bollards had nothing to do with Terry Young. They appeared overnight and were to do with the recycling plant to prevent their lorries going too near the embankment edge. Terry Young had pointed out the road was only built on mud that came out of the creek. Alan Thorne said a planned extension of the plant would increase noise and traffic, and a second issue was a proposed extension of the solar farm on the marshes which would have “a huge impact on wild life”.

10: Next AGM and Christmas Party: Saturday December 1 2018 at 7pm.
Signed …………………………………………………………………..