Commodore’s Spring 2018 Newsletter and news updates

I start this letter with the sad news of Tony Coles, who passed away just a day before Christmas. It was good to see a few of the club members attend the funeral at Barham. Mike Perkins gave a brief history of Tony’s activities in sailing with local clubs before joining HCC, he was one of our trustees when just before the AGM he resigned, a fortnight later he went into the Pilgrims Hospice in Canterbury.

Well, another sailing season will be here with the winter job list getting shorter by the week, with the most important being the antifouling left just before being lifted back into the water.

How many of you washed your sails to get rid of the grime and salt? Usually it’s in the bath if the good lady will let you or like me it was a scrubbing brush and a bucket of soapy water on the drive, finishing off with the hose and hanging them over a line between the trees in the back garden.

One year we used Faversham Laundry who even ironed them (do they still do this service?), a number of sailors don’t even take them off (we are talking about sails) in some cases these have made good nests for the winter birds.

Looking at the programme on the Membership Card  it appears we have a good list of events for you to support, for those who missed the start of the year’s New Year’s Eve Party that went to the races, some folk even dressed for the occasion. This was followed at the end of January with a fish and chip supper which a large group of members walked off a couple of weeks later, only to be met back in the club house with hot pasties or cheese rolls.

As I’m trying to create this newsletter a wine and wisdom evening is being prepared, all those who wish to take part should be flexing the brain muscle as our local historian is firing the questions. The only large event at this time of year will be the fitting out supper, here again you will need to get into the club to put your name on the list.

Talking of lists, John Kerr has a list being created for the Medway Cruise to Chatham, he will want your name if you want to attend the meal at Medway Yacht Club.

image002Those who went last year can be seen here wearing their Easter Bonnets.

Here is a selection of the club on moorings waiting for the sun to set, this may have been just before going up the East Coast. John also has a list for St Katharine’s which will be in May, there is talk of a large party taking place on the pontoon for the Royal Wedding so if you do not want to miss this great event get your name on John’s list.


Those of you who have had a clear out this winter don’t throw it away yet as also at the start of May there is the usual Boat Jumble, Mark hopefully will be manning the bar along with supplying bacon rolls, after the St Kat’s trip it’s all down to you members to keep others informed as to where you are going, just in case there is a lone sailor who would like to venture further than the end of the creek and is looking to go either to the Medway, East Coast or just Ramsgate for the weekend.

As we know it’s just as well to sail in company as the problem may occur, here is poor Brian Chapman being towed into Chatham by Jack Woodford or is it Brian pulling Jack backwards off the mud opposite Upnor Castle. The correct answer is………………


Just a final note, looking at the bar list in the club for the next few weeks it appears we are lacking a few names for the bar rota, now I did say at the AGM that it was up to us club members to support our club so if anybody wants to have a go at running the bar, no need to do food if it’s not your thing. But you only have to do it once as there are enough members in the club to do that for the next two years, don’t be afraid just come and ask on a Sunday what’s involved and you’ll be shown.

Here’s to 2018 for good weather, plenty of sailing and lots of places to visit.

All the best
John Webb, Commodore.

2018 Faversham Festival Success
The 2018 Faversham Nautical festival on July 14 July 15 was another success for the Faversham Creek Trust and supporting organisations. It was also successful for Hollowshore Cruising Club, whose stand attracted a good number of visitors and some serious enquiries about joining, including one applicant who paid his subscription on the spot.
Thanks goes to those members who helped staff the stand, organised by Social Secretary Jack Woodford, who did all the advance work and setting up on the Saturday. Thanks also to Vivian Thompson and James Read, who brought along and rigged their recently-purchased Swallow Yachts’ Bay Raider 20, and a Drascombe Lugger, which created a lot of interest. The club stand was next to one run by fellow member and local boat-builder and repairer Alan Staley, and while another member, boatbuilder Alan Thorne helped with the launch of skiffs built by local schoolchildren.
Said Alan: “We were there all weekend with our stand next to the bridge. On Sunday afternoon the school children launched their two rowing skiffs which they had built under supervision of my son and myself in just five days during the week running up to the Nautical Festival.
“They made a great job of the skiffs with four children aged 11-14 per boat. After the launch they quickly learnt how to row and then had the best of three races. In a close contest the girls team won the final race when the boys ended up in the reeds! There are now four rowing skiffs which are being used to teach rowing each week during the Summer.”
Visitors saw a range of traditional working craft that had been invited to moor in the upper regions of the Creek over the weekend.


HCC at Faversham Nautical Festival 2017

This year’s Faversham Nautical Festival on July 22 and 23 was another success for the organisers, and the Hollowshore CC stand on the Front Brents attracted a good number of visitors.

On the creek itself there was a colourful array of traditional craft. Abbey School youngsters launched their 16ft Julie skiffs designed by HCC member Gavin Atkin and built at a “boatcamp” led by another member, local boatbuilder Alan Thorne and assistant Malcolm Hazleton at the Faversham Creek Trust’s Purifier building.